Saturday, January 2, 2016

Kitchen Intuition: 6 commonsense detox tips

Happy New Year! The way the holidays fell on Fridays this year was quite a treat, giving us back-to-back long weekends. And now it is wonderful having this two-day buffer between New Year’s Day and Monday morning. Whether you’re still nursing a hangover or ramping up the obligatory seasonal resolve, surely more than a few people out there this weekend are thinking about some form of detoxing.

The word "detox" can mean a lot of things, depending on whom you ask (if you ask Google, you’ll get 64 million results), and companies seeking to capitalize on our confusion about the merits of detoxing have flooded the marketplace with all sorts of products, from juicers and supplements to diet books and clinics. Unfortunately, though, there is little evidence to support the claims of the industry.

The good news is that there’s plenty you can do in the new year to feel better and improve your health, and if you ignore the marketers, you can probably even save some money.

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