Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kitchen Intuition: A cheap, easy weight loss secret

This is such a good secret that I even forgot about it for a while and needed a reminder. And when it came recently, the prompt was timely, for here we are, poised between the good intentions at the root of our New Year’s resolutions and Lenten sacrifices—and the realities we face as we pull our summer togs out for the season.

I haven’t had to spend much time worrying about my weight in the years since I fundamentally changed the way I eat. There was a year when I gradually cut out overly processed foods and shifted more toward mostly plant-based and home-cooked foods in an effort to improve my health. It wasn’t long before I started losing weight, and to my surprise, I was easily losing a pound a week, without feeling at all deprived. I even enjoyed wine with dinner most evenings, along with a bit of dark chocolate for dessert. Eventually, I settled in a place where my health metrics were good and I felt comfortable in my body.

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