Thursday, March 5, 2015

CityScope: 8 Companies to Watch

Talent is created and curated in Chattanooga, and people all over the nation have taken notice. Here are 8 local companies we’ll be watching in 2015. We think you should too.

While many Chattanoogans are settling into the new year, local companies are making their own plans for 2015. What are local startups aiming to accomplish? Nothing less than transforming the future of our city with innovative new approaches to well-established fields like medical insurance, legal counsel, and education, while revolutionizing it all with Chattanooga’s lightning-fast fiber optic internet.
It was hard to pick just 8 companies to include on our list for 2015, because there’s no shortage of successful businesses in Chattanooga’s fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our combination of big-city ideas and small-town community feel is prompting innovative companies like these to call Chattanooga home.

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