Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kitchen Intuition: Talking food

If I had to pick just one holiday to celebrate every year, I’d choose Thanksgiving with no hesitation. It’s not just that I love cooking and reading about food and meal planning, but also because Thanksgiving, more than any other special meal, is so collaborative. Everyone contributes something, and the kitchen is full of people and conversation—and it stays that way, sometimes for days, adding to the holiday blessings. Stove-side chats and strategizing about wine pairings are just the sorts of exchanges that can inform our cooking in unexpected ways.
A few days after the big meal this year, my husband was turning leftovers into a turkey and wild mushroom soup. Cooking tends to be a solitary effort most days at our house because of time constraints and evening chaos, but because this was a holiday weekend, we were still enjoying family time. My daughter and I were hanging around the kitchen while he cooked and we all visited.

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