Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kitchen Intuition: More yummy greens

Wow! The greens keep pouring in. My weekly CSA pickup finds me bringing home all kinds of greens: radish leaves; kale; chard; and collard, turnip and mustard greens. I’m happily scrambling to come up with new and delicious things to do with them every evening, when there are always greens on the menu somewhere. If you’re also feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, consider making squeezed greens, filling a frittata with greens, whipping up a quick pesto or soup, or putting your chopped and wilted greens on pasta. Also, if you’re into smoothies, you can run through a lot of greens in short order.

I’ve recently picked up a few new cookbooks that I’m really excited about, and although I’m still digging around in them, I thought I’d share a couple of discoveries I’ve made that might come in handy if you’re also looking for inspiration when it comes to greens. "Thug Kitchen" and Mark Bittman’s"How to Cook Everything Fast" both came out recently, and they each offer lots of recipes while also including many ideas for variations so that it’s easy to improvise. This way, the recipes become more like springboards that provide inspiration for a creative cook.

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