Monday, September 1, 2014

When friends are like family: Making time for relationships that matter

One of the worst feelings in the world might be forgetting your best friend’s birthday. And one of the most informative signs that your priorities are out of whack and you are living life all wrong is when, in a 24-hour span, your best friend not only informs you that you forgot her birthday, but your boss tells you that you might be taking on too much at work. After hearing both these things recently, I tried to figure out how things had gone so wrong. 
I pulled up my Google calendar and looked back at the past couple of weeks. I tried to see what I’d done that day instead of celebrating how awesome my friend is. I thought about all the things I’d done instead of focusing on her in the past month, and honestly, half of them were things I’d felt obligated to do, that I didn’t know how to say no to.

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