Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kitchen Intuition: Instant bread

There aren’t many things that are quite so awesome as bread that is still warm from cooking. Moist and airy, it is filled with fragrance and flavor. And whatever you put on it (a bit of cheese, a blob of peanut butter or some creamy butter) quickly gets melty and gooey.
I love warm bread so much so that I try to avoid making more than I can eat before it cools. And since most days I’m just cooking for two, I don’t make loaves of bread very often. I like to cook bread in smaller batches, and I have a few different methods of doing so. One of them is the chapati, a pita-like flatbread; but unlike yeasted pita, a chapati is unleavened, which allows for a much simpler, more flexible preparation.
A fresh chapati puffing up on a hot cast-iron skillet. (Photo: Alice)

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