Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kitchen Intuition: Pesto magic

One of the challenges of having a farm subscription (or CSA) is figuring out what to do with what you bring home every week and making sure you do it before anything goes bad. Pesto is one secret weapon in this battle. It is a go-to dish that is quick and easy to make, is versatile, and freezes well (use an ice cube tray to make it easy to thaw out just a little at a time). If you have some greens that you need to use up, you can’t go wrong with pesto. 
The first pestos were made in Italy with a mortar and pestle, and some traditionalists still make it that way (claiming, according to Harold McGee, that "the more thoroughly the cells are broken, the more their contents are exposed to each other and to the air, and the more their flavor evolves"). But the vast majority of pesto makers use a food processor, which moves the preparation of pesto from a minor production to—I kid you not—a two-minute task. The longest part of the process is going to be scraping your delicious homemade pesto out of the food processor.

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