Monday, June 9, 2014

Forget the word "fat": Why your bod is always bikini-ready

Recently, my friend Jaime Smialek shared a screenshot of a post a Facebook friend had made. It was two photos spliced together of some girls at the creek—gorgeous, curvy, round, plus-sized ladies in two-piece swimsuits and shorts standing on the very edge of the water. One shot was blurry and overexposed, as if taken from a distance, as if the subject might not have been aware her photo was snapped. The other two weren’t looking at the camera, like they might not, either. The caption read, "We had the creek all to ourselves and then these beauties showed up …" 
Jaime sent me a message seething mad: "I feel like a blood blister. I’m about to scream in The Camp House." She wasn’t the only one. After she posted the screenshot on Facebook, women of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds came out of the woodwork just as angry. After all, why should some strange guy get to take pictures of unsuspecting creekgoers and make sarcastic remarks about their bodies? A lot of rage and pain came out in that thread, revealing just how much hurt many women carry about their bodies.

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