Monday, June 23, 2014

Choose your own adventure: Why it's good to get uncomfortable

"I need a blunt! Who has a blunt?"
This is what I woke up to on the second day of Bonnaroo—a girl a few campsites over from mine shouting about a thwarted wake-and-bake. As it turns out, she’d dropped the missing joint the night before while out at a show. That’s what I gathered a few hours later through more overheard conversations. That’s the nature of the campsites at Bonnaroo, you get to know your neighbors. The intentional community is part of the ethos. 
You see, at Bonnaroo, music is only half the equation. Sure, it’s why you’re there, and the bands are fantastic, but you’ll spend maybe half your time seeing shows. The rest of the time, you’re simply experiencing the ‘Roo. You’re camping, making friends, people watching, nomming some of the best carny food out there and disco-napping through the heat. Life moves at a different pace; it plays by different rules.

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