Friday, January 10, 2014


M.F. herself had a haughty toughness about her. Indeed, she had embarked on this solo expedition to Arles as a kind of challenge to herself. To travel alone, to see Provence as it really was rather than as she imagined it to be, to compare her fond, nostalgic recollections of the place with its immediate, cold reality. And more than that: to make sense of her life, and what the future held. Her children were grown. She could feel the past slipping away. She wasn’t quite sure what she wanted of the future.
-- from Luke Barr's Provence, 1970

I'm still at the beginning, but it's an interesting book so far. And it's giving me some ideas with regard to what I might like to do with this blog in 2014...

Speaking of which... Happy New Year!


Keera Ann Fox said...

Hmm… Any hints? I think my blog now relies on machines to breathe.

alice said...

Well, it occurs to me that instead of trying to think of things to write about, I might just write about what I'm doing -- like reading, in this case. But also in terms of MF's life, she (of course), has me thinking about food, and some of my goals for the year -- one of which is to be a little bit more focused in my cooking. I want to get some basic skills mastered so I'm not always running for the cookbooks, and that is a study that I think would be worth sharing.