Friday, November 1, 2013


And though I'm not currently of a mind to write a novel, I am resolved to post something every day this month.

And I'm not starting off well, because this day has already gotten away from me. My morning was sucked away by physical therapy (which I've been doing for about 8 or 9 weeks now, for frozen shoulder). I tried to talk myself into driving to PT this morning (which is about 4 miles away), but in the end, I couldn't. The day was too beautiful -- so sunny and balmy for November! -- and I like Bike Alice (who is happy and serene) so much more than Car Alice (who is tense and occasionally filled with rage). So I rode (and on the way home, I got to ride through the prep for the Hooch).

Then I spent the bulk of my afternoon at the Main Street Bike Co-op, learning about truing wheels and replacing tubes and tires (and loving on Otis, the resident pooch). And then Emmie and I went to the grand opening of Main Street Meats, which was a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening. After we stuffed ourselves with wine, cheese and all sorts of samples, I came home with a smoked meatloaf, mortadella, and some lard (which I'll use to cook the pork skin that I scored from Hoe Hop Valley Farms at the Main St Farmers Market this week).

So much goodness for one day. And now it's the weekend... more will hopefully follow...

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