Wednesday, November 6, 2013


OK, y'all. You know how awesome and beautiful Chattanooga is?

No?!? Really? You're not convinced yet?


Better now?  ;-)

Here's the story behind the article. And for the record, it's all true. Chattanooga is a great outdoor city. As it happens, just today I took my bike instead of the car for a 7-ish-mile ride (round trip) to the hardware store, and the fall colors were gorgeously splattered all over town. The air was crisp and ever-so-slightly chilly and it smelled wonderfully like autumn.

Such a perfect day to be outside.

I hope yours was exhilarating as well.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Those were some gorgeous photos! Makes me want to see Chattanooga.

alice said...

Me too!! ;-) Seriously, some friends from the neighborhood found themselves with a few days off last week and decided to see as many of the sights of Chattanooga as they could -- for the first time since moving here a year (ish) ago. It sounded like so much fun. People tend to only sightsee when they're away from home, right?