Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Playing around with things a bit...

What do y'all think of Dynamic Views?

(I've got some ideas about where I might take the blog here in a bit, if only I can find the time. Perhaps the long evenings of winter will give me the space I need to come back here...)


Keera Ann Fox said...

Hah! Google Chrome will not let me set your site as an exception to my cookie rule. I have to turn the cookie-ban off completely. (And when I did, up popped my name in the profile menu.)

So sorry to have made you work to solve a problem I caused - but now it's fixed.

So now I can tell you that DD does nothing for me and I miss the classic 10K Monkeys & a Camera header.

alice said...

I'm sorry to make you either switch browsers or stop the cookie embargo. I tried to change the comments to "full page" instead of embedded, but apparently DD only does embedded, since however I have that set, the comment area stays the same. I'm still just playing, though, so I might switch to a different template. I kinda like the modern feel of DD, though. I'm thinking about trying to revive the blog by taking it in a new direction, and the old header wasn't working for me anymore -- I'm thinking about different things these days. But I can't make a new header until I settle on a template so I know what size to make it. Which means there will be construction dust around here for a while, I suppose. Pardon my mess. ;)