Wednesday, November 14, 2012

House-iversary #6!

I can't believe how quickly time flies! I didn't prepare a photo, but when I looked back at recent pictures, I saw this shot from a recent night, before the weather turned cold. After a day raking and another afternoon constructing a new fire pit, G-Dog and I spent the evening out back, sitting beside a warm blaze, watching some of said raked leaves go up in flames.

It's been a good six years.


Keera Ann Fox said...
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Keera Ann Fox said...

Well, that was wonderfully screwed up. I won't repeat myself. Let's just say that my first comment got posted twice, deleted once, and lost twice. Harumph. But it didn't say the most important part: Happy (belated) anniversary!

alice said...

(Belated) thank you!! This year has flown by at record speed, but this last month, in particular, is just whizzing past!