Saturday, October 27, 2012

I've gotten to do this twice!

It's been thrill both times.


smokieslight said...

Notice how Romney is at the top of the ballot. At least you didn't have Roseanne Barr on it like we did here in Florida. Cool to take a pic of it for posterity's sake. No cameras allowed in the voting booth here, at least legally, but if I had thought of it I might have tried. Maybe I'll go vote again tomorrow..hey it's Florida.

alice said...

LOL! Go for it! It's Florida, so you never know which of your votes is going to be counted.

Yeah, Obama was on the top of the ballot last time, but our legislature has since changed hands and whoever is in control goes first. I think we're not supposed to have cameras in the voting booth either, but the only specified prohibition was against phones, so I sliped out my little canon and set it on discreet and took a shot for posterity's sake.