Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Downtown Batavia, NY, 1966

These are the buildings of the once great Main Street in Batavia, NY. (Alas, these buildings were soon after sacrificed before the gods of urban renewal, and in their place those supposedly divine beings constructed a deeply depressing and mediocre mall of failure -- a building so uninspiring that multiple google searches were unable to tease out a decent photo of what was erected, which is the architectural equivalent of instant oatmeal.)

But these pictures of a 1966 parade capture the buildings that once stood on the north side of Batavia's Main Street. Endicott Johnson (above) was a shoe store; Francis & Mead was a jeweler. They were at 94 and 96 Main Street, respectively. 

And further on up the road, at numbers 108 through 128 Main, were Rudolph's Jewelers, Marchese Bros Mkt, the Genesee County Savings & Loan Association, the Bell Hat Shop,  the Dagwood Restaurant, C.E. Knox Shoes, Alberty Drugs, Brenner's Jewelers, the First Baptist Church, and the YMCA.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Ah, yes, the good ol' days, when stores had their own address and own front doors. Malls have a lot to answer for.

Your Main Street looks absolutely charming!

alice said...

It was. I could walk there from the house where I spent most of my childhood. I have such memories of sloshing down that street through the snow right before Christmas, when all the windows were decorated and lights were everywhere! It was so cold and yet so warm all at once and I was busting with the excited anticipation of the season. Charming childhood magic, simple and perfect. ;)