Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big Day Today

Hi, Internet! It's been a busy day. Nonnie and I went out for a walk this morning, which included a visit to her favorite shop (we got some stuff for Emmie's new addition -- see below). Then I went out for a 2-mile run, which is notable because it was actually cool enough to run outside -- the high today was only supposed to get into the mid-80s! (Yeah, I'm also surprised to find myself typing "mid-80s" and "cool" in a related way!)

After a quick bite of lunch, I closed down the kitchen and set up shop for soap making. It was my first try at it, and because of the caustic nature of the process, it must be done with care and without anyone else around. And I managed to finish without any chemical burns or damage to the kitchen! (I don't yet know how the soap came out, as it will have to cure for a while, but I'll post an update once this batch is done.)

And from there, I popped over to Emmie's to meet the newest member of the family! That's right! The 10K brood has expanded to include a one-pound kitten named Greta! She's had a rough couple of days (here's her backstory, written by novelist Cherie Priest, who has recently returned to Chattanooga), so she was feeling more sleepy than sociable. But she did pose for a quick photo before falling asleep -- say hello to Greta, everyone!


Keera Ann Fox said...

Lucky kitty!

Why the name Greta?

alice said...

I'm not sure. I was expecting the name Wendy (because of where she was found), but then Emmie said she was going to have to spend some time with her before coming up with a moniker and the next thing I knew, she was calling her Greta.