Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Big Sister

A few days ago, I posted some photos of me with my big brother. Today is the birthday of Brother #2 (there are, for the record, three of them), so I'm going to quickly shift from being the little sister to being the big sister. VoilĂ ! Here we are in the spring/summer of '65, when he was about a year old. Isn't he a cutie? Happy birthday, Little Bro.


Keera Ann Fox said...

What a charmer! I'm sure he's broken some hearts over the years. ;-)

These photos are delightful, so rich in details (like you two toe-to-toe in the top one) and the interaction between you two (and the photographer).

alice said...

The photographer (not sure which of my parents she/he was for any given shot, though chances are most of the photos by this time were taken by my mother) is really quite talented. I've been doing a lot of scanning lately and have found quite a few photos that are wonderful just for their own sake, regardless of whether you know the subjects (like the pram pics above, maybe?).

Keera Ann Fox said...

I think all three pictures are wonderful for their own sake. Each gives their own peek into a family. For example, the color-coordinated and new look of the clothes in the top picture suggests to me a family that was doing well materially, and it also tells me that the person who dressed the children like that has an artistic eye (perhaps that person also took the picture?).

I get a similar feel from the pram pics. There seems to be attention to color in those, too. So there's more going on than just a couple of cute kids - but that is the magic of photos, isn't it.

alice said...

Yep. It's why I love to look at family photos, even if I don't know the family. So many stories there, with many of the subtle details in plain sight.