Monday, June 18, 2012


Now here's a gorgeous photo from August, 1962. It's my big brother, on or around his birthday (I believe he was actually saying "two" as the photo was being snapped) with my mother, on the back stoop of my grandparents' home in western New York. For as long as my grandmother was alive, whenever someone had a birthday, she made a lamb cake, complete with raisins for the face and shredded coconut for both the lambswool and for the grass (dyed green, of course!), sprinkled all over the plate.

It's a beautiful image of both of them -- the perfect little boy, and my mother looking so eager to take on whatever life tosses her way. At this point in time, she was 29 years old and had three kids, aged three and a half, two, and five months. She never did lose that energy, and my brother went on to become the father of five, a lawyer, a judge, and one hell of a scrabble player.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I am awed by your grandmother. Everybody should get lamb cake!

alice said...

Yes, they should! And I am awed by her as well, more and more as time passes -- only as I struggle to achieve even a small part of what she accomplished can I truly appreciate all that she pulled off, seemingly effortlessly! A working woman both out in the world and at home (she kept her job into her 60s, and was outside mowing her lawn at the moment she died), a great wife, a wonderful mother to six kids, and an awesome grandmother -- she always had treats available and loved to play games (scrabble, kings in the corner and rack-o were her favorites) and surrounded us with the sort of unconditional love that only a grandparent can pull off.

And you should catch a glimpse or two of her in upcoming vintage photos. ;)

(Of course, I'm aware that you know all about awesome grandmothers -- we both really lucked out in that department!)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Ah, lawn-mowing woman. Yes, that explains the awesome. :-) And yes, we both got very, very lucky with the wise women of our families.