Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on?

Hey there, internet. I'm still here, though I've missed a few opportunities for posts lately:

This past Monday was Dyngus Day, which is awesome in its own right (especially if you are, like me, from western New York). And now, it's become famous for making Anderson Cooper giggle like a little girl, and then apologize for seeming to be kind of a dick about Dyngus Day.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the launch of Apollo 13. The 6-day voyage, intended to land on the moon, went horribly wrong two days in and then turned into a rescue mission. It's hard to imagine what those four days of not knowing if the crew would survive could have been like (though the film account makes a good attempt at it).

And then there was the great mole story over on Gawker. Part one introduced the Fox Mole. The second installment commented on a Thin White Line and Billy O'Reilly. Fox launched a mole hunt. And then they nailed him (he was a producer). And I think now is maybe when the real story begins to unfold...

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