Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Food Photo

These photos are from Easter Sunday. Usually, I put together a big dinner for the holiday, but it's been so chaotic lately that I just didn't see it coming this year. I didn't even do any shopping. But Emmie came over anyway, and we hastily threw together what turned out to be a lovely lunch, which we enjoyed out in the back yard since the weather was so pleasant.

We dug around in the fridge a bit and found some leftover lentil burgers and some eggs. I boiled the eggs and pulled some fresh lettuce out of the garden, and that pretty much did the trick! We deviled the eggs individually so that there'd be lots of variety (in the photos, they're still paired up, but when we sat down to eat, we mixed them around so everyone got a bit of everything). We managed to get photos of two of the plates (spicy, pan-asian and olivey eggs)  -- the rest will be left to your imagination!

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