Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Food Photo

This was the lunchbox special today at Sweet Basil, a local Thai restaurant my friend Jason and I like to visit as often as possible. Tofu and veggie soup, curry, cucumber salad and sushi. It was a delicious meal with a great friend, and he hooked me up with my very own iPad! How awesome is that? (I should be posting from it, but I'm not, as G-Dog is playing with it at the moment...)

Have a great weekend, everyone!! We are unexpectedly hoping for some weekend rain here -- normally that's the last thing we'd want, but everything outside has an unbelievably thick coating of pollen, and everyone inside is sneezing and coughing (or seeking relief at the pharmacy). We've gotten a little bit of rain so far, but only enough to create some yellow puddles, not enough to wash it all away. 

A-choo. 'Scuze me while I reach for the neti pot.

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