Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Food Photo

Who says you can't find great local food in the middle of winter? I found this monster head of collard greens at the farmers market (courtesy of Riverview Farms) on February 15th!

This provided me with a much-anticipated opportunity to try out this awesome dish from Bryant Terry's new cookbook, The Inspired Vegan. I cooked up some white wine-simmered collard greens with oven-dried tomatoes that evening (alas, we're nowhere near tomato season yet, but the sun-dried tomatoes I used were fantastically tangy).

This was an amazing dish -- and as Terry says, it's not just for the side. I served it with some simple quinoa and it made quite a yummy, satisfying weeknight meal. (Sorry, I couldn't find a recipe online, but use my contact form if you're dying to try it but don't have the book yet and I'll hook you up!)

Seriously, folks. You do not have to be vegan to love these recipes -- or Terry's previous two cookbooks, Grub and Vegan Soul Kitchen. The menus are a blessing for any omnivore who loves interesting food but doesn't always want meat with a meal. Just last night I made the most amazing spicy barbequed tofu triangles from one of the Grub menus and they were absolutely irresistible (served with Tant Hill Farm kale and Riverview Farms Milling cornbread). Yum!

And yes, it's finally Friday, folks! The weather here is crazy at the moment (I actually had to mow the lawn already! In February!!). The temps were up in the mid 70s yesterday, but today is blustery and I think we reached our high temperature at midnight. I don't know what the weekend has in store, but I'm happy it's here! Have a great one, everybody!

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