Tuesday, January 17, 2012

South Carolina

I'm going to post one more video today and then I'll stop (for now). There was a lot going on over the weekend and I was out of town (and effectively AFK) for most of it, so today I've been doing some catch up. Unfortunately, I missed the debate last night, but it might be just as well -- from what I've seen today, it was pretty disgusting.

You know, I used to be way more rah-rah Democratic party than I am these days. More and more, I'm starting to think of myself as post-partisan. I've got a great Republican county commissioner who I'll be very sorry to lose in this year's redistricting. I admire the work of some Republicans, and I agree with many people that the extremists on the left can be just as deranged as extremists on the right.

But there is one thing that I just cannot do in this election cycle, and that is like any of the Republican candidates. They are assholes, sounding the same dog whistles that became very tiresome many years ago. You can't claim to have a big tent when you pull this kind of bullshit. And the willful obtuseness is pretty fucking annoying, too.

Poor people are some of the "hardest working people in the country." Thanks for saying that, Chris. Bravo. And shame on the willfully ignorant Republicans who are pretending that poor people are the problem.

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