Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two oh one one

I checked in with my RSS feed reader today and wow! a lot of people are doing year-in-review posts. I enjoy reading them, but every time I try reflecting back on the year, I instead find myself getting excited about 2012. It's been a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to keeping the momentum going as we move into two oh one two.

I did get an unexpected little pat on the back this past week that I'll share, though. It came to me on Christmas Day (a little gift to myself, from over the course of the year!), but I didn't open it until yesterday when I spent a bit of time trying to get my inbox caught up. Here is what I found:

I started using runkeeper in March, and have since been recording miles walked, run, biked and logged on the elliptical and treadmill machines. I had no idea I'd gone that far, though! It was an especially nice pat on the back to get yesterday, after I ran outside for the first time in a few weeks (I've been hobbled by the cold weather and a sore knee). My pace was good for the 2 mile run, but the last half mile was rough -- my legs did not want to keep going! But I got out there and did it, and finished, which is a great feeling. And taking in the fact that I have covered 1,000 miles is a really great feeling. Wow. Here's the breakdown (all of the walking was from epic Sunday hikes with the dog):

Walking: 153.5 miles
Running: 227.2 miles
Elliptical: 284.9 miles
Biking: 345.6 miles

And that doesn't count today! I've still got one more workout to log for 2011! Happy New Year, everyone!

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