Saturday, December 17, 2011

More on Hitch

I never did get back to my Hitch post, and I also failed to get a Friday Food Photo up.*

But now I'm attempting to get caught up a bit, and here's what I've found in the warren that is the post-Hitchens internet...

Where Will Hitchens’ Soul Go?
Ian McEwan in The Guardian
Christohper Hitchens and the Protocol for Public Figure Deaths
Andrew Sullivan (with a great video montage)
Richard Dawkins Foundation
Stephen Fry & Friends
Regarding Christopher (Katha Pollitt in the Nation)
still reading... more links on the way?

My big takeaway here (although this one is good, too), whether listening to Hitch himself, his fans, his fellow atheists, or his detractors, is that the important thing is to live well, truthfully and with good intention. Because whether or not you believe in a higher being, if you live intentionally while trying to be good, and if there is a kingdom in the beyond, living well is enough to gain admittance, because a real god would not block the door simply because you failed to massage his/her/its ego. That's not deity, that's narcissism.

*Which is ironic, since I spent the Thursday and Friday cooking -- for a dinner party on Friday. But alas, I was so busy before and so engaged during that I totally failed as a food photographer.

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