Thursday, November 3, 2011

Interesting Morning...

When Emmie tried to leave her condo for work this morning, she discovered a problem with her car. She called me and I came over to join in the adventure.

I'm pretty sure this hole was not a naturally occurring event. That tire was slashed (...and I almost crashed but the Lord had mercy...). But what's done is done, and the tire (badly!) needed to be replaced anyway (you would not believe how bald it was!).

We managed to keep our good humor despite the hardships. It was, after all, a beautiful morning (which, given the storm that rolled through just a little while later, was something for which to be grateful!).

I kind of like changing a tire. It makes me feel self-reliant and resourceful. It's a skill everyone should possess. Emmie managed to survive the effort without breaking a single nail (getting the last of the grease out, otoh, might take a while).

Unfortunately, the spare tire was also flat. But never fear! I had a tire inflator that worked via the car's cigarette lighter!

Oh, but alas, that tire was still flat. I think it was an old tire, suffering, perhaps, from a bit of dry rot. It would not hold air. With two tires down, there was only one option left...

Thank goodness for AAA.

Emmie did eventually make it to work. She took my car, and I stayed home, which was not a hardship. For as long as the weather held out, I enjoyed some autumn air while raking leaves and harvesting some late-season peppers; and then once the rain rolled in, I moved inside and did some lunch hour cooking. I did, in due course, get some work done, though it did take a while for me to get to it.

Not a bad Thursday. I can't complain. I'm grateful for a flexible job, the ability to work at home, a warm southern autumn morning, and a daughter with a sense of humor.

And as long as I'm counting blessings... here comes the weekend, everyone! Whew!!!   ;)


Keera Ann Fox said...

Oh, wow, blast from the past! When I returned to Norway 30 years ago, all my friends here were huge fans of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, and "Rosalita" takes me right back.

I have never changed a tire, myself. I understand the principle, and I know where to place the jack, but I have never wanted to compete with machine-fastened lug nuts. That's what AAA is for! :-)

alice said...

Loosening machine-tightened lug nuts is what hopping on the tire iron is for!! ;-D

But given the fact that you don't own a car, I think we can excuse you from this particular experience.