Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Food Photo

G-Dog and I have been doing a lot more cooking as the weather has been turning colder lately. I'm not sure if the two are connected or not, but certainly one new inspiration we have is our recently-constructed backyard garden. Between that and our local market, we have a lot of yummy ingredients on hand to put in our potions and provender these days.

Here are two of my favorite new recipes. I put them together on a cracker because I love the deep, rich colors of both spreads and the way they compliment each other.

On the left is a radish leaf pesto G-Dog whipped up just a little while after yanking some radish plants out of the back yard. It is full-bodied and flavorful, and melts in your mouth. And on the right is a beet hummus that I made with roasted beets, tahini, garlic, lemon, cumin, and pepper. Another deep, intense spread -- put out both, add a bit of cheese, and you'll want to just skip the meal and fill up on appetizers!

Happy Friday (and Veterans Day and 11/11/11), everyone! Stay safe and warm and have a wonderful weekend!!

ps. As long as we're talking food (and the wonderful things one enjoys with it), here's a bit of awesome Chattanooga news!


Keera Ann Fox said...

Heh, I have a bowl just like that. :-) The spreads look and sound delicious!

alice said...

It's a pretty bowl! Very delicate.