Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Milestone

Five years ago was our first night in this house. It's been an adventure -- which started out rather chaotically -- but we've gradually become very comfortable and dug in here. To honor the occasion, I offer a few songs:

Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band on Grooveshark

Five Years by David Bowie on Grooveshark

In other news, this weekend, my sister pointed out that a few days ago was the 42nd anniversary of the day my family moved into the house that I think of as my childhood home (there were three houses: 1) the one my parents lived in when I was born; 2) the one where I spent most my childhood; and 3) the one my parents moved into the year I got married and moved to the South).

Some days, I really do want to run back to that childhood home. But other times, like when we have a gorgeous fall afternoon like today, complete with beautiful autumn colors and filled with fragrant fall air, this seems like just the right place to be. And the house is pretty awesome, too.  ;-)


Keera Ann Fox said...

Yeah, that's exactly what we do: Slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future. As long as it's a fun ride, it's all good! Happy anniversary to you and G-Dog!

alice said...

Thanks, Keera!!