Thursday, October 6, 2011

Recycle, really!

This is important stuff.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Cool! I love this!

We recycle where I live, but it gets sabotaged by the schlep-impaired* leaving regular garbage or broken furniture by the recycling bins, which then get shut down/removed. I now have to go farther afield to deliver my glass and metal, and have yet to find a new place nearby for my plastics (they get tossed into the regular garbage, but that gets burned and provides heating for our local hospital.) Paper bins don't seem to attract nonsense in the same way.

*) You know the kind: Can carry many full cans of beer/soda into the wilderness but then lose so much muscle power they can't carry empty cans back out.

alice said...

We recycle, but I am suspicious about what happens to what we contribute after it enters the stream -- especially with regard to what happens to the plastic. I've heard tell of "recycling" that is driven straight to the landfill. Very frustrating. The only other option is to buy as little plastic as possible, which I'm doing my best at, but it's a challenge. I'd like to see plastic recycling go mainstream and widespread. is that possible?