Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Food Photo

This summer, G-Dog built some raised beds in our yard for growing some food. We planted our first crops in August, and this past week, got to do our first bit of harvesting! The radishes have started to come in!

It's just a small bunch, but these radishes will go a long way. We cut off the tops and put the bulbs in the refrigerator for later. The greens, though, had to be used while they were still fresh, and G-Dog outdid himself where that was concerned! He cut out the stems (and threw those in the freezer, for a future soup stock), and with the leaves, he made the most amazing radish leaf pesto.

Now, I haven't had radish leaf pesto before, so all I have to compare this to is other, non-radish-leaf pestos, but this stuff shot right up to the top of my favorite pestos list. G-Dog used pine nuts in his concoction, which are awesome, but I'm guessing that the thing that really made this pesto pop was the freshness of the leaves -- they'd been out of the ground for just a hour or two when we smeared the first glop of pesto on a cracker.

So, here's something for your to-do list this weekend: go to your local farmers market and find some fresh radishes. Bring them home and make this pesto. You'll thank me, really you will.

Have a great weekend, everyone!! On Sunday, if you think of it, send some energy and good vibes up to the Schenectady/Albany, NY area, where my cousin will be running a marathon.


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