Sunday, October 2, 2011

The cheesecake was good...

... as was the rest of the board of fare at the incredible "Fire and Cheese" fete we had here last night to celebrate Emmie's 25th birthday tomorrow. We made a whole bunch of food, had some interesting wines and beers on hand and had some wonderful people over.

The one part of the preparation I screwed up was in the shopping. I knew well in advance that we could expect a chilly evening (the high yesterday was only in the low 60s!), and that we'd probably want the option to move the party out back to enjoy a good fire after dark. But I just assumed that I could walk into a store and buy a fire pit. Two days before the party, I learned that I was foolhardy -- the only stuff the stores around here have on hand at this time of year is either incredibly cheap, or unbelievably expensive and ugly. We were about to give up on the whole idea of a backyard fire when a generous and resourceful neighbor showed up the afternoon of the party with cinderblocks and firewood, and quickly conjured up a fire pit in our back yard!

The party was perfect. The crowd was an interesting mix of generations. We ate yummy food and enjoyed lovely beverages. Emmie's friends are a delight and after some noshing inside, we moved out into the chilly, dark night and set stuff on fire (the photo was taken by one of Emmie's friends)! There was dancing and story telling and a very happy, incredible girl who has somehow managed to get her life firing on all cylinders these days: awesome friends; enjoyable and exciting job; gorgeous, well-appointed home (all to herself!); a perky new hairdo; and even a few very stylish, fresh pairs of shoes in the closet! It's a great start to her next quarter century!

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