Monday, September 19, 2011

Yo Ho Ho!

So sorry 'bout th' quiet! Bin be tryin' to put up a message every day, but th' days just got away from me 'tis shore leave! The weekend was busier than usual, wit' all sorts 'o neighbor a ruckas... cookin' fer departin' neighbors who be busy packin', 'n helpin' some new neighbors get th' last 'o their stuff moved. 'n I spent some the hour at th' piano findin' out just how rusty bin become in ten years 'o not fightin' -- I can be tellin' th' circuits be still thar in me brain, but 'tis goin' to take a while to get them warmed up again.

But in th' meantime, 'tis Speak Like A Scurvy Pirate Day, so ahoy! 'n avast, ye, matey!

[English-to-Pirate translation services provided by Post Like A Pirate]

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