Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer's End

Well, it's been a very busy weekend filled with social events and racing about trying to squeeze the last bits of summer fun out of the weekend before the wet weather descends on us later today. I went out for a walk with the dog this morning, followed by a bike ride to the Chattanooga Market with G-Dog, and now I'm showered, fed, and looking forward to hunkering down for the afternoon, watching the storm roll in.

I might even get to spend a bit of time tinkering around with our latest project. We recently suffered the loss of an old workhorse of a laptop (a little MacBook that dated back to the early part of this century). It was the computer that we used, in combination with an external hard drive, to serve our music collection for a number of years.

Instead of replacing it with another mac, we got a Synology DiskStation along with a couple of terabytes of internal storage, and are now properly serving up our music so that we can not only listen at home, but we also have all 20,783 songs (at last count) available to us wherever there is either wifi or cell phone service. It's like having the biggest iPod ever!! I'm so excited. ;-)

The box is also going to work with Time Machine to do continuous backups of our computers, and we're still working on getting that part set up. That might end up being our rainy day project for the rest of the long weekend.

From drought to flood, from blisteringly hot to pleasantly cool, and from unusually quiet to surrounded by music -- all transitions we're making this weekend. Whew.

Autumn, though bittersweet, you bring us quite some relief.

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