Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Food Photo

OK, so I have to open this post by admitting I'm lame. I spent most of the day cooking and now that I'm done, I don't want to get off the sofa and go upstairs to get the day's photos off the camera. But here's my excuse: I'm sitting on my crazy-cool, brand new (to me) living room sofa.

Back in May, right after G-Dog and I got back from our trip to Greece, Emmie moved to her own condo, and she took most of our living room furniture with her. Which is cool. It looks much better at her house. But, we've been living all summer with an empty cave for a living room. We needed to get some stuff to sit on in there, but the problem is that there is no one in our family who has any patience for shopping. So, the room continued to sit empty.

Enter the awesome neighbor people. Now, let me start off by saying that these are really cool people, and given the choice between having these people as neighbors and having furniture in our living room, I'd definitely choose them and just sit on the floor when I'm home. But alas, the cool neighbors are moving away. {{sob.}}

They're not taking their gorgeous sofa with them, though, so we volunteered to take it off their hands. Yay! Furniture without shopping!!! The only problem is, we had to get the sofa from point A to point B and we no longer have a truck (that's another story -- if anyone out there has a truck they don't want anymore, give me a ring!). So G-Dog bribed some students with home-cooked food, and **poof** this evening became a dinner party. Casual -- G-Dog promised homemade pizza -- but with a pretty good sized crowd (the students, plus the awesome neighbors).

In preparation, this afternoon I mixed up 6 pizza crusts, sauce, and toppings; plus some farinata (here's the recipe) on the side (because I love it and am always looking for an excuse to make some). I ended up making only 5 of the pizzas -- two onion/peppers/mushroom/okra, and one each of sausage; pineapple/rosemary; and a no-sauce olive oil/garlic/spinach/sliced tomato/green onion/mozzarella/gorgonzola/asiago (thanks, Winnie!!).

Now that the mess in the kitchen is all cleaned up and I'm comfortably settled on my new and oh-so-comfy couch, I don't want to go upstairs and mess with cameras and such. But I do still have some food porn that is relevant to the evening's food, because the one meat pizza I made this evening came topped with some awesome sausages from Link 41 (which were made by a(nother) very cool -- and talented! -- neighbor!). These sausages are part of the regular rotation in our kitchen, so I do have a photo from a recent evening's treat!

Whew! Well, that was a long way around to wishing you all a great weekend! Enjoy! And be safe, healthy and happy, everyone!!

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Keera Ann Fox said...

What a great way to get a new(ish) sofa!

alice said...

I just went down to Emmie's condo this evening to check our some new furniture she just picked up this morning down near Atlanta. We've got some new neighbors and after they moved into their house, they had a bunch of leftover furniture, so they just gave it to her! And now her condo is so incredibly pimped out!! It looks awesome!! September is Luck Your Way Into Cool Furniture month around here...

Keera Ann Fox said...

I love it!