Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Food Photo

With apologies to the vegans and PETAites in the audience, here's a scene that appears fairly regularly at the Chattanooga Market. Would you eat it?

Have a great weekend, folks!

For everyone in the northeast US: batten down the hatches! Even if the evacuation order isn't mandatory, don't take any chances -- get the hell out of there!

And if it's not too much trouble, please send some rain this way!!! Once again, we've gotten the official word on what everyone already knew: we've got ourselves another drought down here.  Lucky me, I just planted a winter garden.  :-P

Oh, well -- stay safe, everyone! 


Keera Ann Fox said...

That pig looks like it's in a race. :-) And I already eat that. I just don't know what it looks like. We're too removed from where our food comes from - or from what food actually is.

I have procured the season's fresh kale and shall now attempt kale chips. :-)

Keera Ann Fox said...

"- and from what food actually is" reads better.

alice said...

Oooh! So jealous -- I love kale chips!!

alice said...

And yeah, if people even had any idea where their "food" comes from, the industrial food complex would be in a LOT of trouble.