Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Creature

I think this might actually be the first horse I've ever posted for a Friday Creature! I'll have to get the archives back up and running to be sure, but let's just say for now that it is (and if you're looking a the labels, I know a horse is not cattle, but that's where it fits easiest).

Last Sunday, G-Dog and I got to go down and spend the afternoon on a farm in North Georgia, and we found this guy hanging out there. He's a really, really, really old horse -- about 40 years! -- but doesn't seem to be eager to go anywhere. Fortunately, he's well cared for and gets to hang out in some pretty nice digs!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Check out the Friday Ark when you have a chance, try to ignore the opportunism of the gas merchants (and maybe drive a little less), and fergodsake don't bring up Charlie Sheen! Everyone is sick of his sad antics by now! I hope he finds his way into rehab sooner rather than later...


Keera Ann Fox said...

What, no generic "animal" tag? ;-) For such an old critter, that horse sure looks good! And if I were that old, I wouldn't want to go anywhere, either. Probably have gone plenty already. :-)

alice said...

The farmer showing us around seemed rather amused by his longevity. Apparently he's a pretty low-maintenance horse, though, so he has nothing to fear... ;-)