Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Creature

We have had a wonderful week of snow that G-Dog calls his "snowbatical" because the university here was supposed to start back up this past Monday, but instead, he got the week off because of the weather. Everyone saw it coming and since we love a good snow day, Emmie came over after finishing up on Sunday and we all hunkered down, waiting for the snow. A lot fell overnight, and the temps haven't gotten above freezing since, so it's all still out there. Emmie eventually had to go back to work, but before she left, we took one last long walk in the snow and along the way, we ran into this very righteous dog named Otis. He loves the snow (as you might guess from his appearance). Roll a snowball his way and he will pounce like he's found a mouse.

(The Modulator is still on a travel break, so no link for this week.)

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Keera Ann Fox said...

That dog has the right idea!