Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Creature

Sorry about last week's creature being MIA -- there was so much Christmas fun going on around here that I never got around to it! But it's just as well, because this is my last of the bird photos from January's impromptu trip to Florida and I think it's fitting that it landed on the last day of the year. Like last week's picture, this features a meeting of various plovers and sandpipers. More creatures are piling up on the year's last Friday Ark!

Happy Friday and Happy New Year, everyone! This year has been a pretty challenging one, but I have learned (finally) that when I don't let things get to me, amazingly, things don't get to me nearly as much! I mean that sincerely. When the going gets tough, the tough refocus their energy on more positive matters and poof! somehow things just start to work out!

So that is my wish in 2011 -- that things fall into place for you this year. My friend Ken says that the universe provides the things that we really need and we just need to be open to those provisions. Everything we need IS all out there, floating around somewhere, and I hope we all manage to draw to us that which we need most...

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