Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Links

Things that caught my eye recently...

• Oh, Sarah Palin, why do you make me think of you and your horrible inadequacy?!? I don't deserve that (more here!).
• The world in lego!
• Sesame Street made a joke, the wingnuts freaked out and Colbert had some fun. Honestly, I have no use for Sesame Street or the muppets since that horrible Elmo made his debut, but cut the shaggy rags a break -- it was a freakin' rhyme.
• These photographers color outside of the lines.
Islands seen from space.
• Al Gore (the thinner version!) visited The Daily Show last week.
• Where are you getting your Thanksgiving turkey and how much will you pay for it? Years ago, when Emmie was a bleeding-heart teenager, she announced that she would not be eating any Thanksgiving turkey unless it had been a happy bird who had lived a good life. I said ok, I'll give it a whirl, and picked up a free-range, organic bird (and took some long, deep breaths to get me past the sticker shock). I cooked it up and was amazed at how much more moist and delicious the turkey was that year, and have paid the premium prices ever since. It really is better meat.
The History of Birth Control.
Leviticus also said...
US Exclaves.
• This link is a bit older, but I loves me some Sarah Vowell!
Letters of Note.
Al Franken has gotten to work (he's not funny (much) -- he's just really good).
Feed the World!
• In America, people of all faiths are welcome here to worship Jesus in their own way.
What's happening to American conservatism?!?
A difficult goodbye.


Keera said...

Man, the folks at Fox News really don't understand Sesame Street humor. If it's Oscar-related, trash is _good_. (And that's Elmo's voice? *shudder*)

Those out-of-bounds photos were amazing - and inspiring. I want to try!

Grandma would have loved Sarah Silverman. She's said something similar herself - that all the Catholic church would have to do to help all its impoverished followers is sell some of the really expensive stuff earlier followers donated.

Good article on the politics of eating. Texturized vegetable protein is still a processed food, so if you want to eat whole, natural foods, you can't have that. I've never seen the point in imitating meat, anyway. Veggies are great as they are.

And for once, I'm ahead of you on Jon Stewart. You really have gone without cable for a while, haven't you. :-)

alice said...

I have been! I'm going to get it turned back on, soon. We've already missed the Kennedy funeral, an entire season of Mad Men, most of (hopefully!) the health care debate ...and who knows what else! I'm waiting to hear back from the epb about getting us hooked up, but since we've already been waiting for months after they made promises... well, fuck 'em if they can't get us turned on by the holidays. I'll just go back to Comcast...

Keera said...

Me, I'll be getting 49 channels (vs the 17 I have today) sometime after new year. It's a co-op decision. What the hey.