Monday, November 30, 2009

Google Rocks

I've been fiddling around with Google Wave lately (it looks great and there's lots of potential there, but I'm still finding my footing... let me know if you need an invite, and we can play!). I've also been loving Google Voice for a month or so now -- gotta love the automatic transcriptions and the email and SMS notifiers! And today I finally got around to watching the rollout of automatic captions! There's some good stuff coming out of the Googleplex these days!


A Free Man said...

I don't understand what Google Wave is. Is it like Google's Facebook or something?

alice said...

No, not at all. It's not social networking. Apparently, the peeps at google have it in their heads that this will eventually replace email, but we'll see. Here's a good introductory video, but the best way to learn about google wave is to use it. I'll be glad to hook you up with an invite -- just let me know if you're interested!