Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Creature

Toward the end of the summer (which wasn't all that long ago here in Tennessee!), my friend Jason and I took a walk through the grounds at the Tennessee Aquarium after having lunch downtown. I'm used to seeing butterflies inside (there's a great exhibit at the top of the Ocean Journey building), but I didn't know they also had some butterfly gardens outside, which is where we saw this lovely specimen. (Is it just me, or did it alight on what looks to be a lego flower?)

Have a great weekend, everyone! We're hoping to get the yard raked of all its leaves on Saturday before some rain moves into the area on Sunday. In the meantime, in addition to enjoying your regular weekly variety of creatures on the modulator's ark, check out Optus Whale Song, a very clever ad released last spring by a telecommunications company in Australia (if you've got broadband, make sure you opt for the larger format!).


Keera said...

I'm impressed with your butterfly photo. They never hold still for me.

And thanks for that link to the whalesong ad. That was both fascinating and beautiful - and moving!

alice said...

For butterflies, I need bright sun so that I can use a really fast shutter. They won't hold still for me either -- it's like shooting sports!

I'm glad you liked the whalesong thing -- it really pinged me too. I've got a thing for whales, the sea... all things pisces... :-D

Keera said...

Fast shutter, bright light. Got it.

It's not that whales are aquatic; it's the whole idea of making a noise that means something to another species that grabs me. And of course, it reminds me of Star Trek IV. :-)

alice said...

Ah, yes. Saving us humans from our own short-sightedness! ;-)

Keera said...

I hope we learn in time!

Lance Mathena said...

Scrabble brings back great memories of my child hood! I play on the pc every now and again, and I have the iPhone app. Bascially i'm just a scrabble addict! Nice post though thanks!