Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall bounty

Last weekend I was on my own at home, as both G-Dog and Emmie were out of town. I had a ton of food from the week's CSA share, so I pretty much cooked up a storm the whole weekend. We're still trying to get through it all. Here's a photo of some of the fixin's -- beet salad, braised radishes and a garden salad.


Keera said...

So, how do you make a beet salad?

alice said...

First, boil the beets. Actually, first, put on clothes that can take the stains if the beets get messy... and then boil the beets. Simmer for @45 minutes, rinse in cold water, peel and slice (wear gloves if you don't want purple fingers for the rest of the day). Toss with a mixture of the juice of a lemon, a bit of olive oil and maybe a bit of black pepper and cumin. And that's it!

Keera said...

Food you dress up for. Got it. :-) Thanks for the recipe! Wouldn't occur to me to try cumin.