Saturday, September 5, 2009

The week's broadcasts

Alice well, crap. I just broke my glasses and I'm due for a new prescription this fall... what's the best way-cheap glasses place in town?
Sep 4

Alice thinks the jury is out on Nadal's new hairdo...
Sep 3

Alice If everyone who posted/posts a status update on Facebook regarding health care would instead/in addition write a letter to their elected representatives about the issue it might have a bit more impact on actual policy. For those of you who have never written a Senator or Congressperson, it's easy -- just send them an email:
Sep 3

Alice is sipping wine and contemplating Greg's gauze-swaddled toe... Chattanooga, why so hostile to this city's bicyclists?
Aug 31

Alice spent the morning at the doctor's office watching Greg get his big toenail removed after he was hit by a car while trying to ride his bike to work. Some Mondays are better than others...
Aug 31

Alice auction night...
Aug 29

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