Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy

I was saddened to find out this morning that Ted Kennedy died yesterday. I'd heard that he wasn't well enough to make it to Eunice's funeral, but I still hoped he'd live long enough to see the passage of health care legislation.

As long as I've been aware of the Senate, Kennedy has been a Massachusetts Senator (in fact, he was sworn in when I was just months old). It's a sad thing to imagine our country without the Great Liberal Lion fighting for progress. Rest well, Senator.


Keera said...

I'm sorry to see him go, too. He never forgot those less fortunate nor his principles. He made me wish he came from California. :-)

alice said...

Ah, but he was so steeped in New England that I just don't get a California vibe off of him at all. He was the quintessential Bostonian -- a yachtsman, not a surfer.

Keera said...

I mean, I wish he represented _my_ state. I would have loved to be able to claim him, as it were. Lucky Massachusetts.

alice said...

Yeah, and California got stuck with Ah-nold, the ugly Kennedy step-child. ;-)

And look where he's gotten them. :-P

Keera said...

California had a career senator, a Dem, and he was awful as it turned out (Alan Cranston). If we were to have a career senator again, I want one like Ted, but I have to say our two ladies are doing a good job. I'm proud of them.

As for governors, we don't seem to do well with those. Sadly, Ahnold is taking all his economic cues from Reagan. Bleh.