Thursday, August 20, 2009

Midweek links ('cause it's been a while!)

• Oh, August, why have you retreated from your former glory to become just a suburb of September?


Take back the beep!

• Your "religion" for the week: The Story of Suzie

• The top ten notorious American biker gangs

• On food and being fat... America's food crisis and how to fix it... will exercise make you thin? And finally, ewwww.

GOP attacks Obama for not being bipartisan enough

• Quote of the week: "Giving up on the public option might be expedient. But we didn't elect Obama to be an expedient president. We elected him to be a great one." -- Eugene Robinson

• And the inevitable more on health care: Oh, no! Not those healthy Canadians again!! ... How American Health Care Killed My Father... Heal or No Heal... David Sedaris weighs in (France vs. the US)... Do the Democrats lack passion?... and Barrel Fever (the slippery slope: "It's about tyrrany. If Obama and Congress can pass health care reform, what's to stop them from coming in to my home, killing my family and taking all my guns?!?")


Keera said...

The food article was very interesting, enlightening and somewhat disheartening - and now I'm wondering how I can boycott corn. In all its guises, including meat from corn-fed animals.

Also, Jon Stewart's poke at "Yosemite Sam" had me in stitches. "Ah eat fire-cooked meat cuz ah don't trust ovens." But ol' Y. Sam there does raise a good question: How will the government really pay for it all? There's a reason why the tax level in Europe is higher than in the US. Of course, what I get for my taxes far outweighs what I would get paying for my own health insurance in the US. But the US has to completely change course to make any of that happen, and that's not going to happen. Yet. If ever.

BTW, you found some great articles this time. I've read every one.

alice said...

Around here, the boycott would be just a matter of buying meat from local farmers. There are several good local farms that sell beef, chicken, lamb and pork (plus turkeys in the fall!), and if you ask the farmers, they'll be thrilled to tell you all about the diets of their beasties. And of course, avoiding corn in all the other food groups is as simple as eschewing processed foods, which you're probably doing anyways, as there are so many good reasons for avoiding processed foods.

I'm not sure what your options are there, in terms of local farming, though.

Keera said...

Well, I bought organic ground beef, in hopes that that'll be all right, but I'm not sure organic means grass-fed. Norwegian farming isn't as industrialized as in the US, and we already have laws for the benefit of the animals (like the one now being passed in California about leaving enough space to lie down, etc.).

As for eschewing processed foods completely: I find that I avoid some natural ingredients because I can't find them in small enough amounts for a one person household. Too many times delicious organic food waiting for me to get around to cooking has gone bad in my refrigerator. What would help is being able to cook for 4 and freeze the leftovers, but rarely do recipes tell you if they are suited for that.