Monday, August 31, 2009

Lost Day

G-Dog left the house on his bike, headed to work, as I was getting out of bed this morning.

About ten minutes later I got a call. "Can you come get me? I was just hit by a car." I was there in a few minutes (at the intersection of McCallie and Holtzclaw). The cops had already arrived and were getting the details from G-Dog, over on the sidewalk. He was standing with his bike. He looked fine upon a quick scan -- shirt still clean, no holes in his jeans or visible road rash -- until you got to his feet. He had on sandals and his left toe was oozing blood and the toenail was peeled back almost to the cuticle. Yuck.

A moment after I arrived, the driver who hit him raced up and introduced herself to the cops before she offered (apparently for the second time) to take G-Dog to the ER. One of the cops gestured to me and said something about his wife taking care of that. She looked at me with horror for a moment and then reached out and enveloped me in a big hug while she repeatedly apologized for hitting my husband with her car.

Once the cops were satisfied with G-Dog's report, we headed for his doctor's office. I am very anti-ER (if you've ever been to an American emergency room, you're very well aware of my reasons), so I suggested that we head to G-Dog's doctor's office instead. I figured that an oozing toe was not going to impress anyone at the ER, where we might sit for hours, but the kindly internal medicine physician might be able to work G-Dog in -- plus he might also have the added incentive of wanting to get the guy with the gross, throbbing, bloody toe out of his waiting room before all the other patients were freaked out.

Yay for the kindly doctor. We weren't there all that long -- enough time to get the toe numbed as much as possible before the doctor removed the toenail, and then got everything cleaned up and wrapped so that G-Dog could return to his day. He got to work around lunchtime. He missed a few meetings, but didn't have to skip a class, fortunately.

From there, I swung by the bike shop to get G-Dog's bike checked out and make sure there was no major damage (turns out, the back tire -- which is what took the impact -- was wobbly and needed to be trued up). Then I hit the pharmacy to pick up the course of antibiotics that is apparently necessary when your toe is half gnawed off. By the time I made it back home, I had a little time to grab a bite to eat and really get around before I had to be at an afternoon appointment. I picked up G-Dog on the way back, and we're just now fed, cleaned up (he is surprisingly comfortable and doesn't look like a guy who was hit by a car today) and enjoying a bit of wine...

Some Mondays are harder than others...


Buck said...

Oh but when you think of how much harder than Monday could have been you have to take a deep sigh of relief.

Just like when I get a call from one of my girls. As long as it is their voice on the phone I know that whatever the message is it cannot be too bad.

Glad everything turned out okay for ya'll.

kay said...

I'm lucky to be across the street from an excellent hospital and emergency room. I've been hospitalized three times there and each time I was seen right away. There was a triage nurse who saw me and evaluated the situation as an emergency. It sounds like you have a great internal medicine doctor. Glad it worked out for G-Dog.

Keera said...

Sheesh! You write so calmly about your reaction to "I was just hit by a car." No heart leaping out of your mouth? Not even an attempted leap? Or maybe it was what Buck said. As long as G-Dog could make the call himself, heart stays in place.

Many well-wishes to G-Dog! I'm so glad the only casualty was a toenail!

Sandy on Signal said...

Oh, oh, oh, how horrible. I am really squeamish about any type of injury, but this sounds painful and terrible. Please drink lots of wine tonight.

Best wishes to G.

A Free Man said...

I'm curious. I haven't been to an American ER in a long time. How do you feel about them? What's going on there?

alice said...

Buck, that thought has been following me around since Monday -- I feel very lucky indeed!

Kay, I keep hearing such good stories about that hospital and ER! I think you picked a good spot!

Keera, yeah, it's like Buck said -- I could hear his voice and he sounded a bit shaken but ok. Plus, I was immediately focused on grabbing things and getting to the car so I could get over there!

Sandy, thanks for the suggestion -- instructions followed! ;-)

Free Man, the last time I visited the ER was, hopefully, the last time I'll ever have to visit an ER. They bear the brunt of just about everything that is wrong with the American health care system, from the lack of preventative and primary care to the shortage of mental health services. The ER is supposed to be a place for people with cuts and bites and broken bones. But I don't think that's what they're getting anymore. While the rest of us are visiting our doctors' offices, the people who have already been rationed out of the US health care system are going to the ER.

Kenmon said...

Take care, G-dog! That is one scary story.

I am riding to my classroom tomorrow. I hope to get there and back without incident.

alice said...

I'm not sure how you have the time for bike riding with all the running you've been doing! Take care, and please do be careful!