Sunday, August 9, 2009

Link To My Lou!

Back, by popular demand...

• You have to watch this video to the bitter end to catch the real money quote (after a bunch of clips of Fox"News," talking heads discussing quid pro quo with regard to the two journalists who were just released from Korea, thanks to Bill Clinton's efforts, there appears a photo of Oliver North):
You mean kinda like a quid pro quo like an American government would sell arms to an outlaw regime to secure the release of hostages, and then take that money to fund a bloody Central American war, and then have this guy lie to Congress about it? Because if that's the kind of stuff you're worried about, you should really ask that guy about it, 'cause he's got a show on your fucking network!
Web of Deception has the dirt on so many people you know and love (to hate?). Who knew that Lou "I'm not a racist!" Dobbs pays so little tax on so much property in New Jersey!

Speaking of Lou... On the Birthers: the stupidity of this "controversy" might be merely amusing, if it weren't for the way the Republican party still coddles scary racists. But then again, maybe Barack Obama is the anti-christ and maybe he does want to kill Sarah Palin's baby.

• Why am I keeping my fingers crossed (while eating well and exercising every day)? Because I have United Health Care insurance, so if I get sick (or pregnant, god forbid!), I might just be screwed. But then again, I'm one of the lucky Americans, because I have coverage.

• The Republican response? Obstruction. Violence. Fakery (to put it nicely). Stupidity. Incoherence. But no real plan for fixing health care. But then again, the blue dog democrats aren't exactly moving things along either (and where's Obama?).

• And, while we're at it, why do these people freak out when they hear the truth? Stupid is as stupid does.

• On the lighter side, check out this interloper squirrel.


june said...

Amen to all you said!

Keera said...

Re birthers: I had quite the discussion with my mother about it. I finally told her that _where_ Obama was really born was actually immaterial since - like John McCain - he was born to one or more parents who were US citizens. I see from the Wikipedia link you've provided that that doesn't make Obama "natural-born", but that link provides other reasons why he was still eligible to run for president. Thanks!

(I also remember, when requesting a copy of my BC so I could get a passport, that the county issued a version with no hospital or doctor listed. They have different versions, depending on what you need and/or can pay a fee for.)

To the nutjob "translating" Baraq and Bamah: Do you think "fart" and "tang" mean the same thing in Norwegian as they do in English? After all, they are both valid words in both languages and sure look alike.

To the American shitheel: Excellently put!

To the ground squirrel: Nice timing!

And in a tweet I recently read, it was said that Godwin's law is no longer limited to Usenet…

Julie L said...

I LOVE that ground squirrel pic! how hilarious - especially how the couple are laughing in the background.

Re the rest of your links - pffft!! BASTA, I tell you. I'm so sick of the right wing... grrrrr...

Oh, and you MUST go here:

I cannot tell you how much I heart Wm. Shatner. He's a modern-day Shakespeare!

Usenet said...

Très bon article !