Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Journey Begins

Now's your chance to have a vicarious adventure, and be in on it from the very beginning! Here is the web site: Traveling Teacher and this is the premise:
"Could a person who had no money travel around the world relying on the generosity of strangers?"

This is the question that I posed to some of my students last spring at Southeast Whitfield High School in Dalton, Georgia, while we were discussing the topic of whether people are basically good or basically evil.

Personally, I believe almost all people are trustworthy and will often go to great lengths to help others, if given the chance, but the class never came to a consensus, which led me to the idea of trying to find out for myself if I could travel on nothing but benevolence.

There promises to be plenty of opportunity for readers to have input into this adventure, so go head over and check it out!


fletch said...

I guess I'm a cynic. I read the premise and assumed he would be relying on the citizenry of whatever country to which he would be traveling. Instead he seems to be relying on blog donations and hopefully an airline ceo. I wish him well.

Keera said...

It's already been done. A couple of Norwegians travelled from the top of the world to the bottom. And across. They did rely on the citizenry of wherever they got to. Info in English